Author: Lana Kortchik

Publication Date: September 22, 2020

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Sisters of War by Lana Kortchik is a FANTASTIC historical fiction novel. I loved it so much. World War II is my favorite time period to read.

Sisters of War is about World War II in Kiev. The story spans from the Nazis entering Kiev until the end of the war. This was the first book I read about Kiev during World War II. I love reading unique stories from World War II and this was unique.

Natasha and Lisa are sisters. They grew up being best friends. During the war, they both end up betraying each other. Can they forgive each other? Are they being selfish? Are they trying to do what they think is right for their sister?

Like any good historical fiction novel there is also romance. Both sisters have love interests with complications throughout the book. Some of them are expected in a World War II story but others are unique. I really liked the mix of expectations and surprises.

There is a lot going on for this family in Sisters of War however the story of the sisters and their relationship is the heart of the story. I always love when stories focus on sibling relationships especially sisters because I am very close to my sisters.

Sisters of War is a story of love, loss and heartbreak. There is sadness, grief and hunger. There are difficult family dynamics. Fear is a constant in their lives.

There is so much emotion in Sisters of War just like I expect whenever I read World War II novel. Sisters of War made me feel every single emotion while reading it.

I loved Sisters of War so much. There isn’t anything I didn’t like or wish was different. This is my first book by Lana Kortchik and definitely won’t be my last.

Sisters of War is a must read for fans of The Bronze Horseman and The Nightingale.

Thank you NetGalley and HQ Digital/Harper Collins Publishers for Sisters of War.

About the author

Lana Kortchik grew up in two opposite corners of the Soviet Union – the snow-white Siberian town of Tomsk and the golden-domed Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. As a teenager, she moved to Australia with her mother. Lana and her family live on the Central Coast of NSW, where it never snows and is always summer-warm.

Lana studied IT at university and, as a student, wrote poetry in Russian that she hid from everyone. For over a decade after graduating, she worked as a computer programmer. When she returned to university to complete her history degree, her favourite lecturer encouraged her to write fiction. Lana hasn’t looked back, and never goes anywhere without her favourite pen because you never know when the inspiration might strike.

Lana’s short stories appeared in many magazines and anthologies, and she was the winner of the Historical Novel Society Autumn 2012 Short Fiction competition. Her first short story was about a couple in love and trapped on the opposite sides during World War II. A few years later, this story became a novel and was published by Endeavour Press. In 2018, Sisters of War was acquired by HQ Digital, an imprint of Harper Collins UK. A year and a half later, it became the USA Today bestseller.

Lana also writes psychological thrillers under the pen name of Lana Newton, published by HQ Digital/Harper Collins UK.

Lana loves books, martial arts, the ocean and Napoleonic history. She can often be found on the couch or in bed, wearing her best pyjamas, typing on her laptop or scribbling something in her notebooks, while drinking camomile tea and eating chocolate. Her husband thinks she’s just being lazy.

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