Author: Tom Ellen

Publication Date: October 13, 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.


“Your life is the decisions you make”

15 years ago Ben was attracted to two women, Alice and Daphne. Alice was a friend he was hanging out with all first semester. Daphne was a woman he just met that day. Ben chooses Daphne. Ben and Daphne’s marriage is in trouble, leaving Ben to wonder if he should’ve chosen Alice all those years ago.

After receiving a watch from a stranger on Christmas Eve, Ben wakes up in 2005 on the day he chose Daphne. Knowing what he knows now, will Ben make the same decision? Ben relives many important days from the past. He uncovers events he wasn’t aware of. Ben is left wondering how and when he will wake up in the present day and what he will do when he does.

All About Us is a great love story. It is cute and emotional. There is also the time traveling aspect which is an interesting addition.

Ben thinks he is a disappointment to everyone including Daphne and his mother. The last time he talked to his mother did not go well. Can Ben find a way to forgive himself after reliving past events? Is his mother actually disappointed in him?

Ben thinks Daphne would be better off without him. Going back in time really shows Ben more about their relationship and how Daphne feels about him.

I had strong feelings toward all of the characters. At the beginning of the book, the reader discovers Ben creating marital problems. However, early on I started to really like Ben. I enjoyed seeing how Ben reacted to things and learned from his mistakes. I was very curious to see who Ben would choose and if he would end up with the woman he chose. As the book goes on, I got more and more invested in Daphne’s character. Daphne always puts Ben first. Alice is an interesting character. There’s always something about characters falling in love with their best friends and finding their way back to each other.

Ben also evaluates his relationship with his best friend Harv. Ben has been best friends with Harv for years, but they have a superficial friendship. Ben wants to talk to Harv about his marital problems. Will Ben and Harv become closer or farther apart? Ben regretted the last conversation he had with his mother and thought

I recommend All About Us for anyone looking for a nice Christmas love story especially to fans of Josie Silver.

Thank you NetGalley and HQ/Harper Collins for All About Us.

ABout the author

Tom Ellen is the co-author of two critically acclaimed Young Adult novels: Freshman and A Totally Awkward Love Story. His books have been widely translated and are published in 15 countries. He is a regular contributor to Viz magazine, and as a journalist he has written for CosmopolitanEmpireEvening Standard MagazineGlamourNMEShortListTime OutVice and many more. All About Us is his debut adult novel. He lives in Paris.

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