Author: Dawn Goodwin

Publication Date: October 8, 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.

About the Book

I’ll kill yours, if you kill mine.

Maddie’s life has come crashing down around her. Her husband has left her and moved on with a new woman and baby. No longer can she run from the past that’s been haunting her. The past has destroyed her future.

In a new flat, trying to start a new life, Maddie meets Jade and her young son, Ben. All too swiftly Maddie finds the dark thoughts whirring through her brain. But Jade’s different, she loves Ben, doesn’t she?

As the two women begin to open up about their exes over a few glasses of wine, Jade conjures a plan, a pact. She’ll kill Maddie’s if Maddie kills hers. Laughing it off, Maddie returns to her normal life. But what if it wasn’t a joke at all…


The Pact by Dawn Goodwin is a twisted thriller. Two women make a pact to kill each other exes. One of the woman was joking and the other is threatening her. Was the pact a joke or will they go through with it? Maddie’s husband left her for a younger woman and Jade wants to avoid losing custody of her son. Can you actually forgive a cheater? How far will someone go to protect their child?

I really enjoyed The Pact. There was a lot of suspense and character development. I wouldn’t consider any of the characters good people, at least the main characters. However, I really liked Maddie. I cringed at so many decisions the characters made but loved reading about those decisions so much.

The Pact contains unusual family relationships, complicated female relationships, blackmail, infertility, cheating, and neighbor interactions.I recommend The Pact to domestic thriller fans.

Thank you NetGalley and Aria for The Pact.

Blog Tour

About the Author

Dawn’s career has spanned PR, advertising and publishing. Now, she loves to write about the personalities hiding behind the masks, whether beautiful or ugly. Married, she lives in London with her two daughters and a British bulldog called Geoffrey.

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