Author: Marci Bolden

Publication Date: December 8, 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Description

She could not look into the future until she’d let go of the past.

Since losing her husband, Tobias, in a tragic accident, Carol Denman has been on a journey of self-growth. She’s taken steps to finally grieve her daughter’s death, forgive her first husband, and mend her broken relationship with her mother. The one heartbreak she can’t seem to come to terms with is losing her husband.

As Carol continues her travels, family, old friends, and new confidants want to help her heal. However, this is a path Carol must travel alone. She knows her husband would want her to be happy again. She just has to figure out how to move forward.

Carol must dig deep to find a way back to the peace and happiness she once had in her life with Tobias. Coming to terms with being a widow isn’t going to be easy, but with the support from her loved ones and a few strangers, Carol embarks on her most poignant journey yet—finding a life without regrets.

Book Review

A Life Without Regrets by Marci Bolden is an emotional story about a woman grieving her husband and figuring out how to live her life.

Carol Denman lost her husband just over a year ago.  Carol is just starting to process the loss and grief.  She is traveling around the country in a RV.  Carol’s family and friends are worried about her and trying to get her to come home and are worried about her being alone. Carol has to learn how to heal the best way for her, which she knows is a journey she has to take alone.  Carol’s friends and family from the rest of the series return.  Carol also has to decide what to do about a past love that appeared in A Life Without Flowers.

A Life Without Regrets is the third book in the A Life Without series.  This book could be read as a standalone.  It does give away the basics of the first two books, but everything you need to know to understand this book is explained.

A Life Without Regrets is the perfect ending to an emotional series. I have loved Carol’s journey to healing. Carol dealt with the loss of her daughter and resentment towards her ex-husband in A Life Without Water.  Carol healed the strained relationship with her mother in A Life Without Flowers.  In A Life Without Regrets Carol grieves her husband’s death and figures out how to find happiness without him.

I loved A Life Without Regrets.  I’ve loved these characters from the beginning of A Life Without Water.  Carol is struggling but doing the best she can. It is hard for Carol to ask people for help and talk about her emotions. Carol has grown so much in this series.  Carol has great people in her life and she knows it.  The story was really good and kept my attention throughout the book.

Thank you Marci Bolden, Pink Sand Press and NetGalley for A Life Without Regrets.

About the Author

As a teen, Marci Bolden skipped over young adult books and jumped right into reading women’s fiction and romance novels.

Marci lives in the Midwest with her husband, two teenaged kiddos, and numerous rescue pets. If she had an ounce of will power, Marci would embrace healthy living but until cupcakes and wine are no longer available at the local grocery store, she’ll put that ambition on hold and appease her guilt by reading self-help books and promising to join a gym “soon.”

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