Author: Pam Howes

Publication Date: December 11, 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Description

From Amazon bestseller Pam Howes comes a heartbreaking World War Two novel about a young woman trying to make the best of history’s darkest hour. Is a happy ever after impossible?

Liverpool, 1943. For Bella Rogers, life is looking up. She loves performing with The Bryant Sisters, the singing trio who have become the country’s sweethearts, putting a smile on the faces of the brave boys fighting the Nazis. But then tragedy strikes when a telegram arrives: Bella’s beloved father has been killed in France.

Unlike her poor Mam, Bella has someone to share her grief with. Her childhood love Bobby is home from the war. He lost a leg but she counts her blessings every day that he’s alive when so many young men haven’t made it back. Bella longs to give her heart to Bobby but she is hiding a secret that may change their lives forever. Will he still love her if she reveals the truth?

But when bombs screech down on Victory Street in the middle of the night, blowing houses apart, Bella may lose both the home she loves and the family who mean everything to her. With so much loss around her, will Bella be brave enough to snatch her chance of happiness? And when the war is finally over, will wedding bells ring out on Victory Street again?

An utterly unputdownable, heart-wrenching historical novel that will have you completely hooked from page one. You’ll lose yourself in this gorgeous wartime story of love, loss and family secrets. Perfect for fans of Wives of War, Nadine Dorries and Nancy Revell.

Book Review

Wedding Bells on Victory Street by Pam Howes is an emotional World War II novel about a young woman trying to live happily ever after.

Bella is a singer in The Bryant Sisters, a group touring to perform for soldiers. Bella’s son is living with her mom and sister in Wales to avoid the air raids in Liverpool. Bella only gets to see him occasionally. Bella is dating Bobby who she has been in love with since childhood. Bobby is home from the war after getting injured. Bella’s little sister Molly wants to be a star just like her and is trying to get in the dance troupe that travels with Bella.

Wedding Bells on Victory Street is the second book in The Bryant Sisters series but can be read as a standalone. There were a few parts I wish I would’ve known more about, but not reading the first book didn’t lead to any confusion or take away from the story.

Wedding Bells on Victory Street is an emotional story. Bella is worried about Bobby leaving her when he finds out the truth. Family and friends are dying, missing, or getting injured in the war. Bella has the conflicting opinions of being happy on stage but missing her son. Molly isn’t happy stuck helping her mother raise Levi while Bella gets to travel and live her dream. Bobby is struggling with his injuries. There is so much going on in Wedding Bells on Victory Street that I did not want to put the book down.

The characters are great and add to the story. Bella is always trying to make her life better and work towards a happy life. Bobby is so in love with Bella and trying to recover fast to sing with Bella. Bella’s mother is raising her son.

I recommend Wedding Bells on Victory Street to fans of emotional historical fiction fans especially fans of World War II stories.

Thank you Bookouture and NetGalley for Wedding Bells on Victory Street.

About the Author

Pam is a retired interior designer, mum to three daughters, grandma to seven assorted grandchildren and roadie to her musician partner.

The inspiration for Pam’s first novel came from her teenage years, working in a record store, and hanging around with musicians who frequented the business. The first novel evolved into a series about a fictional band The Raiders. She is a fan of sixties music and it’s this love that compelled her to begin writing.

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6 thoughts on “Book Review Blog Tour: Wedding Bells on Victory Street

  1. I love WWII stories. I always say enough now, but then I just pick up the next one. This does seem awfully nice, but I think I’ll check out the first one first. I can be pedantic like that.

    Lovely review!

    Elza Reads

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