Author: Kelly Simmons

Narrator: Morgan Hallett and Suzanne Toren

Publication Date: January 5, 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Description

No one wants to admit there’s a murderer in the family…

Hard-working, divorced mom Hannah is settling into a new neighborhood with her eleven-year-old son, Miles, right next door to her sister Hillary’s sprawling family home. Hannah’s looking forward to a fresh start—for herself and for Miles. But when a six-year-old girl goes missing, the picturesque enclave becomes a hive of search parties, cadaver dogs, and gossip. And when a pair of homicide detectives find evidence that points to someone in the neighborhood, the upscale community turns on Hannah and Miles.

In an effort to clear her son, Hannah embarks on her own haphazard investigation. When at last she uncovers chilling—and overlooked—evidence against her brother-in-law, the novel pits sister against sister, neighbor against neighbor, detective against detective, and mother against daughter.

Book Review

Not My Boy by Kelly Simmons is a suspenseful book with family drama.

After her divorce, Hannah moves next door to her sister, Hillary. Hannah’s eleven year old son, Miles, has some secrets only his parents know about. A six year old girl goes missing and it is suspected that someone in the neighborhood is to blame. Miles is the original suspect until evidence is found turning Hannah’s husband into a suspect. The sisters are trying to protect their families which turn them against each other. Their mother also has to pick a side. Who is responsible for the missing girl? What will happen to this family?

I liked how Not My Boy was a mix of suspenseful thriller and family drama. The evidence kept changing the primary suspect. I could not figure out who took the missing girl. The sisters turn against each other was an interesting addition to the story. The characters are all interesting and all trying to protect those they care about most. However, this leads to them turning against someone in their family. Not My Boy is an interesting story I would recommend to thriller fans.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Morgan Hallett and Suzanne Toren. They both did a good job narrated and their voices fit well with the story. Based on the story I think reading this would be as enjoyable as listening to it.

Thank you Recorded Books/RB Media and NetGalley for Not My Boy.

About the Author

Kelly Simmons is a former journalist, advertising creative director and the author of six novels sold in a dozen countries: STANDING STILL and THE BIRD HOUSE (Simon & Schuster) ONE MORE DAY, THE FIFTH OF JULY, WHERE SHE WENT, and NOT MY BOY (Sourcebooks).

She teaches in the Drexel University MFA program, and is a member of WFWA, Tall Poppy Writers and The Liars Club, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping fledgling novelists.

Additionally, she co-helms the weekly writers podcast “Liars Club Oddcast.”

She was born the same day as Dorothy Parker. Coincidence? She thinks not.

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