Author: Amber Ruffin, Lacey Lamar

Publication Date: January 12, 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Description


Writer and performer on Late Night with Seth Meyers Amber Ruffin writes with her sister Lacey Lamar with humor and heart to share absurd anecdotes about everyday experiences of racism.

Now a writer and performer on Late Night with Seth Meyers and host of The Amber Ruffin Show, Amber Ruffin lives in New York, where she is no one’s First Black Friend and everyone is, as she puts it, “stark raving normal.” But Amber’s sister Lacey? She’s still living in their home state of Nebraska, and trust us, you’ll never believe what happened to Lacey.

From racist donut shops to strangers putting their whole hand in her hair, from being mistaken for a prostitute to being mistaken for Harriet Tubman, Lacey is a lightning rod for hilariously ridiculous yet all-too-real anecdotes. She’s the perfect mix of polite, beautiful, petite, and Black that apparently makes people think “I can say whatever I want to this woman.” And now, Amber and Lacey share these entertainingly horrifying stories through their laugh-out-loud sisterly banter. Painfully relatable or shockingly eye-opening (depending on how often you have personally been followed by security at department stores), this book tackles modern-day racism with the perfect balance of levity and gravity.

Book Review

You’ll Never Believe What Happened Lacey: Crazy Stories about Racism by Amber Ruffin and Lacey Lamar is a great book telling stories about racism in a humorous way.

I loved You’ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey. Ruffin and Lamar do an excellent job demonstrating racism through real life examples. There were many times I laughed while reading this book. The way Ruffin and Lamar presented these stories was funny but at the same time it is sad that they are all true stories. Many topics are discussed including work, medical, and reactions when Lacey was married to a white man. There are some pictures in the book like people Lacey has been told she looks like next to pictures of her. A crazy story I never would’ve imagined happening was when Lacey wasn’t told she had a kidney stone. I recommend You’ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey to anyone that is interested in hearing real life stories about racism told in a humorous way.

Thank you Grand Central Publishing for You’ll Never Believe What Happened to Lacey.

About the AuthorS

Amber Ruffin is a writer and cast member on NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers. She also amazingly became the first black woman to write for a late-night talk show in American history when she joined the staff in 2014, and was a writer/sometimes performer on HBO’s Black Lady Sketch Show. She is about to launch her own late night showThe Amber Ruffin Show which will anchor the new NBC streaming service, Peacock.

Lacey Lamar
 is Amber Ruffin’s big sister. She has worked in the healthcare and human service field for more than twenty-five years, thirteen of those working with troubled youth in her community. She volunteers her time and resources to black, brown refugee and indigenous fellow humans in any way she can. Lacey lives in Nebraska with her unbelievable amazing daughter Imani and their 130lb Great Dane Izzy.

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