Author: James Sie

Narrators: James Sie, Shaan Dasani, Rain Valdez

Publication Date: May 4, 2021

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Description

In this tender, nuanced coming-of-age love story, two boys—one who is cis and one who is trans—have been guarding their hearts to protect themselves, until their feelings for each other give them a reason to stand up to their fears.

Two boys are starting at a new school.

Jules is just figuring out what it means to be gay and hasn’t totally decided whether he wants to be out at his new school. His parents and friends have all kinds of opinions, but for his part, Jules just wants to make the basketball team and keep his head down.

Jack is trying to start over after a best friend break-up. He followed his actor father clear across the country to LA, but he’s also totally ready to leave his past behind. Maybe this new school where no one knows him is exactly what he needs.

When the two boys meet, the sparks are undeniable. But then a video surfaces linking Jack to a pair of popular transgender vloggers, and the revelations about Jack’s past thrust both Jack and Jules into the spotlight they’ve been trying to avoid. Suddenly both boys have a choice to make—between lying low where it’s easier or following their hearts.

Book Review

All Kinds of Other is a great story about two boys exploring their gender and sexuality. They have instant chemistry but don’t know if they are ready for each other. Jules doesn’t know if he is ready to come out at school. Jack moves to LA with his dad to have a fresh start. Jack was a popular transgender vlogger before he moved. When a video surfaces, Jack and Jules have to decide what this means for them. All Kinds of Other is a great coming of age novel. Jack and Jules are dealing with trying to fit in while figuring out who they are. The story is told from Jack and Jules’s alternating perspectives. It was very interesting to get into both of the characters’ heads. Jules is struggling to decide if he should come out at school, and Jack is struggling if he should tell people he is transgender. I enjoyed reading about their struggles and journey. Sie does a great job making the reader feel how Jack and Jules feel. I do not personally have many experiences with transgender people so have been reading novels to help educate myself. I highly recommend All Kinds of Other for anyone looking for a novel exploring gender and sexuality.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by James Sie, Shaan Dasani and Rain Valdez and enjoyed their narration. They did a great job bringing Jules and Jack to life.

Thank you Megan Beatie Communications, Epic Reads, and Harper Audio for All Kinds of Other.

About the Author

JAMES SIE (pronouns he/him) is the author of Still Life Las Vegas, his debut novel, which was a Lambda Literary Award nominee for Best Gay Fiction. An award- winning playwright, he has had productions performed in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York (Lincoln Center Institute) and across the country. He has contributed essays to The Rumpus, The Advocate, Pen America, and Esquire.

In addition to writing, James is also a voiceover artist for many cartoons and games, including Jackie Chan Adventures, Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness; Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Avatar: The Last Airbender, where his excessive love of cabbages has earned him immortal fame. James now lives in Los Angeles with his husband and son.

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