Author: Jill Childs

Publication Date: September 14, 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Happy Publication Day to The Mistress by Jill Childs!

The Mistress by Jill Childs is a must read for fans of Gone Girl and Big Little Lies.

“Everything’s got a price. Even friendship. Don’t make that mistake.”

Laura is having a Romeo and Juliet affair with Ralph. When Ralph dies, Laura and Ralph’s wife, Helen covers it up. From school gossip and looking back at their relationship, Laura starts to wonder how well she actually knew Ralph. Laura is alone trying to figure out what is going on. She is trying to turn to the one person that understands.

Throughout the book everyone is discovering more about Ralph. Ralph is an awful person but such a wonderful character. Every time I thought I had Ralph figured out, more lies were uncovered. Most of the characters I felt that way about where I wanted to learn so much about them as characters, but everything I learned made me like them less. Laura is a grown woman, having an affair with a married man hoping and expecting him to leave his wife. She is needy and clingy around Ralph. Helen is probably the most interesting character to me. It is unclear what her motivations are until farther in the book. Bea is a loyal friend and the only character I actually liked as a person other than the children.

I really enjoyed the mistress. There are so many lies and deceptions. Everyone is covering up so much. Nobody really knows who to trust and if their lies will be uncovered. Everyone has their own plans, secrets and purposes. The Mistress includes cheating, child abuse, stalking, manipulation and so many secrets.

The first part of the book is through Laura’s point of view. Laura is very confused and trying to figure out what is going on. I was very concerned where I thought the story was leading near the end of this section and I am so glad I was wrong. The second part of the book is through a different character’s perspective and explains a lot more about Ralph and his past.

Some of the smaller plot twists and revelations I figured out before they were revealed, but the main plot I didn’t figure out until Childs revealed it. I thought the ending and all the twists fit perfectly with the story.

I recommend The Mistress to thriller fans.

Thank you NetGalley and Bookouture for The Mistress.

About the author

Jill has always loved stories – real and imaginary. She’s spent 30 years travelling the world as a journalist, living overseas and reporting wherever the news took her. She’s now made her home in London with her husband and twin girls who love stories as much as she does.
Although she’s covered everything from earthquakes and floods, riots and wars, she’s found some of the most extraordinary stories right here at home – in the secrets and lies she imagines behind closed doors on ordinary streets, just like yours.



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