Author: Georgia Toffolo

Publication Date: October 15, 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5.

book review

Meet Me In London by Georgia Toffolo is such a cute and enjoyable read.

Oliver’s dad is sick and his mom is pressuring him to date and that she wants to meet his girlfriend. Oliver doesn’t have a girlfriend, so decides he needs to find a fake girlfriend. Victoria is a bartender and one night Oliver is drunk at the bar and proposes. Oliver is opening a department store and Victoria makes her own clothes with the hopes of opening a boutique one day. Oliver comes up with the arrangement that they can pretend to date and he will give her a place in the store to sell her designs.

Oliver and Victoria’s arrangement is only business and nothing else or is it? What happens when they start developing feelings for each other?

Oliver and Victoria both do not date and have different reasons for that. The way they interact and hide their feelings is so cute. Oliver is very focused on his business but starts to realize how important other things are.

Victoria has a lot she is dealing with and some things she wants to keep hidden. Victoria is afraid of getting close to people, so will she let Oliver in?

Meet Me In London is such a great story and perfect for a light read in these difficult times. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.

I listened to the audiobook narrated by Georgia Toffolo. She did an excellent job narrating and really added emotion to the story.

Thank you NetGalley and Mills & Boon/Harper Collins Audio UK for Meet Me In London.

About the author

Georgia Toffolo is a broadcaster and TV personality. She has been a firm favourite with the public right from the start of her TV debut, Made in Chelsea, all the way to winning over the hearts of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here fans by being crowned Queen of the Jungle in 2018.

With a combined social following of over 2 million, Georgia has been able to amalgamate the influencer world with her broadcasting career and has thus created a wonderfully loyal audience.

Since winning IACGMOOH, Georgia has been extremely open about her struggles with acne and has been a key figure in the skin positivity movement. She has proudly been a brand ambassador for Dermalogica since 2018.

Georgia turned her eye to fashion last year and has curated two sell out collections with fashion retailer Shein.

An ambassador for many British brands, both large and small, Georgia has also collaborated with Dyson, Baileys, Emma Bridgewater, Great British Racing, Foreo and Malibu amongst many more. 

Her unique and enthusiastic personality was the perfect fit for animated classic The Grinch, where she voiced the character Mrs. Toffee Apple in the UK version of Christmas classic.

Most recently, Georgia has dived into the world of fiction by publishing her debut novel “Meet Me in London” with publishing house Mills and Boon. This is the first of an original series of four books following a group of lifelong friends and bringing personal anecdotes to life with humour and charm.

Georgia resides in London with her beloved Cavalier, Monty.

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